Last Thursday turned out to be a very good day for sailing. The wind was coming from the east (the right hand side when looking at the lake from the clubhouse) and kept varying in strength, but not stopping. The course went from K / pontoon to J at the far end of the narrows and then back to C and K. Once again those that were over the line shortly after the signal did best in getting to J. I did notice nameless people getting close to J and then deciding they could point straight at the buoy despite their sails flapping, unsurprisingly their boats slowed. The Liberties set off in pursuit and I worried after half a lap when the wind died a bit, making it more difficult for them to catch the 303s ahead. Luckily the wind returned and two Liberties came in the the first three.

Tips: Be just behind the line at the start; Don’t let sails flap; Let sails out as far as they can go without flapping; Bear away if you can’t point the boat where you want to go without flapping and keep sails pulled in.

Any questions or suggestions please speak to Peter, Fleur, me or any of the other volunteers.


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