On Thursday 4th August 2022, Wealden saw the launch of the newest addition to the fleet, a Hansa 2.3 (AKA The Pink Blancmange), kindly donated by one of our clients, Anne Frewer. Photos taken by David Barker.

A message from Mike Mackenzie, one of our trustees:

A big thank you to Anne Frewer who donated a “Pink Blancmange” to Wealden Sailability. No, not a pudding but a pretty, “pink” of course, Hansa 2.3 single seater boat. Tom raced that while Anne used her trusty orange boat to go head to head with him, it was great to watch the racing from the pontoon.

Before the racing started however, Anne launched the new boat with a bottle of suitably PINK bubbly and wished it well for Wealden sailors.”

Before her commission into the fleet, Helen Fairfax (suitably in her pink attire) took The Pink Blancmange out for sea trials.

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