2 comments on “Thursday 29th September…..the sailing is on, and although the forecast is for rain early in the morning, it should dry up by mid morning, with sunny intervals, but It will also feel much cooler than of late so come prepared.

  • Thank you for the notice. So good that sailing will start again . I am hoping to come along with Thomas but his confidence has gone and he is not sure about it. I will try to persuade him again in the morning. We may just come and watch. If not we will really try for next week. Thank you all for starting up again. It has really helped Tom in the past.

    • Good to hear from you. If there is anything I can do to help let me know or give me a call on 01732 454197. It is a long time since I have seen Tom and it would be nice to get him out on a boat(and hear him singing!).

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