Last Thursday (1st October) was a fantastic day for sailing. Horizon-to-horizon sunshine and the strength of the wind grew from hardly creating a ripple on the water at 8.30am to 20 knots by midday.  Of course, being Chipstead Lake, the wind was gusty as well and shifting around between E and NNE.  Quite a few WS Racers… Read More

After some torrential rain early in the day – when WS’s gallant volunteers were getting the boats in the water and rigging them (“Thank you!” Ed.) – the sun came out and a steady W / NW wind started to blow. So by mid-day 8 WS Racers and 2 volunteers were ready to race. There… Read More

It was a near perfect day for sailing, lots of sunshine and a good NW breeze. Immediately after the presentation of the Queen’s Award, 10 boats and 14 sailors eagerly took to the water in readiness for Race 7 of the Summer Series. Four classes of boat took part, 4 entrants in 303 Access, 3… Read More

Last Thursday turned out to be a very good day for sailing. The wind was coming from the east (the right hand side when looking at the lake from the clubhouse) and kept varying in strength, but not stopping. The course went from K / pontoon to J at the far end of the narrows… Read More

Last Thursday (3 Sept) was another brilliant sailing day, with the sun unexpectedly shining brightly and warmly through gaps in the light cloud and a decent but variable NW backing WNW wind. These conditions provided the 6 WS Racers and 2 volunteers a good challenge for Race 5 of the Summer Series. There were 5… Read More

Last Thursday (August 27) was a superb sailing day; cloudy but with the sun trying to break through, and a strong, but gusty wind – perfect for Race 4 of the Summer Series. We had 7 entrants in 303W Access and 2 entrants in Liberty plus David Mckee in the third Liberty. The wind was… Read More