On Thursday 24th November, Steve Thomas, Meg Warren and myself (Mike Coleman) attended the Marjorie McClure School for their annual Awards Presentation. We thought we were just there to present certificates to the students that had attended Wealden Sailability sessions throughout the season and attained Entry, Bronze and Silver Level sailing certificates. So we were totally blown away to ourselves be presented with a Marjorie McClure F.L.A.M.E Award, and the highest “Gold, Four Star, burning brightly” award at that..!!

Here’s a copy of the award certificate.

marjorie mcclure flame award

According to the Marjorie McClure website “Our Olympic Flame Award legacy project (set up in the wake of the 2012 London Olympics) is being developed as part of the Sky Living for Sport Challenge. The focus is on recognising pupil achievement and progress using the values framework of the London Olympic Games. Competing to achieve best is at the heart of the award.”
The award we received from the school today was a reflection of the part that WS has played in helping the pupils achieve the aims of the Award, so we were very honoured to receive the Award on behalf of all our Volunteers.

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