Autumn is well advanced but today was a fabulous day for our race day. It started with hardly a ripple on the surface of the lake at 0830 and gradually built up to a steady 10 knots with erractic – in direction and strength – gusts up to 20 knots. The scene at 0930 from… Read More

It was a dreich day, as they say in the Highlands of Scotland, when the first flurry of volunteers arrived to get everything ready for the day. Mist covered the north Downs and mizzle threatened. The session manager made his decisions on how many of each class of dinghy should be rigged and launched and… Read More

Another day made for Dinghy Racers – a stiff breeze from NNE under a rather dull day – welcomed the volunteers as they got everything ready for the day. The forecast expected the wind to fill in to 14 knots with 20 knot gusts and some sunshine to appear – “When?” was the question we… Read More

The weather forecast was looking good for sailing and there was already a brisk breeze blowing across the surface of the lake at Chipstead Sailing Club as the volunteers were getting everything ready for another busy day which would include the WS Summer Series Race #4. The Volunteers’ Briefing from Mike and Steve at 0945… Read More

Yesterday saw the comeback of the Access 303s! Well done to Kelly, Noah and Steve for sailing so well in a better than expected 11/14 knot WNW wind and bright conditions. Although it was rather cloudy when we arrived at the lake at 0830 to get everything ready for the day, that soon changed and… Read More

Expectations were sky high when volunteers arrived at the lake to launch and rig the fleet. Windguru’s forecast would result in a very exciting day on the water for everyone coming to morning and afternoon sessions. The wind strength would grow from a gentle breeze to a challenging 14 knots by 1100 just in time… Read More