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  • Well, if ever you needed another reason to volunteer for WS then the end of season Laying Up party was it! A brilliant (If a little cold maybe!) night organised by David McKee our chairman. He (with his lovely wife Sophie) prepared and served a fantastic supper of chicken or salmon with all the trimmings. He was also helped by Fay Stanley who organized the production by other volunteers of a fantastic selection of puddings. Lots of ladies did a brilliant job of serving the food and we all sat down to enjoy our meal and afterwards were entertained by the best Tommy Cooper-esque
    comedian/magician that I’ve seen for years! Thank you Peter Coulture for finding him and for wife Jane for bringing a lovely atmosphere with your atmospheric decorations for the club room.
    It was truly a great night and thanks again to ALL the helpers and food providers – great job! I hope some of you can post some pictures?
    Looking forward to meeting up with you all next season.
    Mike Mackenzie

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