Looking at the weather forecast on Wednesday night didn’t instil much excitement because there would be so little wind that it looked as if we might have a repeat of last week’s single lap Race…but woe to me of little faith, when the volunteers started to rig and launch the Boats at 8am on Thursday… Read More

We cannot win them all. The wind deserted us this Thursday and the WS Racers did very well to complete a single and shortened lap. The results are on the Race Summary and here are some photos to remind those of you who raced what a windless race it was! A fuller report  was planned… Read More

What a fantastic day! The second Thursday in a row of lovely weather meant that everyone who gathered at Chipstead Lake had another SUPERB sailing day with good – reasonably steady – wind and warm sun! The volunteers had rigged and launched most of the fleet by 0930 and  were then briefed by the Session… Read More

What a fantastic summer we have had so far – at least weather-wise. Sun and warmth in abundance and when mixed with some good wind – PERFECT for sailing. For me, it was good to be back at the lake after missing most of the season thus far due to family and personal holidays (This… Read More

Note from Ed: Before reading this weeks race report, can I let everyone know that the results for Race 4 on May 24th have now been decided. The report for that race which can be found by clicking Here has been updated with the positions. Welcome back after the washout of last week. Apologies to everyone… Read More