What a perfect day for a race! A little warmer would have been perhaps better but overall the best conditions of the season so far. Great to see 15 boats on the start line, it is making for some interesting races and lovely for us to see that you are enjoying this side of the… Read More

What a difference a week makes! Thank you to everyone for doing your wind dances during this week in preparation for this week’s race. Although a little gusty at times, conditions were pretty close to perfect with a good breeze and sun. This resulted in a much better prestart lead up with lots of jossling… Read More

WELCOME BACK!! We were thrilled to be back in the race box today and even happier to see 16 boats on the start line. A few years ago, we could have only dreamed of this. Unfortunately though, no-one had done a wind dance and whilst there was more wind than last week, it was not… Read More

After the final Race of the 2017 season, an awards ceremony was held in the Chipstead  Sailing Club clubhouse covering both the Spring and Summer Racing Series. Certificates which recognised the “Qualified Status” of those WS Racers who had participated in at least 5 Races of each series. Special certificates were awarded to the 3rd,… Read More

It certainly wasn’t the weather – overcast, low cloud, dull and zilch wind – but as volunteers and clients arrived at the lake there was an end-of-term feel in the air. The realisation that we wouldn’t be meeting again until the Spring put a tinge of sadness to the proceedings but mainly folk were reflecting on… Read More

A check on the weather forecast for Thursday at Chipstead Lake sent me to bed on Wednesday night very happy that  Race # 12 was going to be another fast moving affair. I had read that there would be a SSE wind of 12/14 knots, gusting to 20 knots! What a prospect, I thought…..but after arriving at the… Read More