It certainly wasn’t the weather – overcast, low cloud, dull and zilch wind – but as volunteers and clients arrived at the lake there was an end-of-term feel in the air. The realisation that we wouldn’t be meeting again until the Spring put a tinge of sadness to the proceedings but mainly folk were reflecting on… Read More

A check on the weather forecast for Thursday at Chipstead Lake sent me to bed on Wednesday night very happy that  Race # 12 was going to be another fast moving affair. I had read that there would be a SSE wind of 12/14 knots, gusting to 20 knots! What a prospect, I thought…..but after arriving at the… Read More

What a beautiful day we enjoyed on and off the water today at Chipstead! The highlight for the WS Racers was the first victory for Rachel Ibbottson who was sailing an Access 303 together with her trusty crew Meg Warren.  But we also had a surprise celebration for Brian Mac to whom we all wished and… Read More

At 8:30 am the volunteers who were busily working to get the WS fleet of dinghies ready for the day’s sailing, were drenched by a ferocious downpour that lasted just a few minutes. They might well have wondered whether their efforts were to be in vain and the whole day was going to be a cold washout.  But by… Read More

Here is Fleur Bryant’s Race Controller’s Report : Clearly you had all looked at the weather forecast to see how nice this week’s weather was going to be, as we had a record number of entrants into the race with only the Lugger not involved! A brilliant show! This did however make for a very busy… Read More

Here are some good photos, taken by Mark Cayzer’s Dad from the Commando, of close quarters action during the practice races which were run in the afternoon….. and one from our very own member of the Bromley paparazzi of Pink Lady waiting to be rescued from the trees  (Points for recognising the helm! Ed) :… Read More