We arrived at Chipstead wondering if there would even be a ripple on the water this week. At 8.45, there was hardly enough breeze to move a sail as we started to launch and rig the fleet.  What a contrast to the whirlwind conditions of last Thursday! The Trustees were confident that the forecast… Read More

In recent weeks the challenge for WS Racers has been to complete at least a single lap of the course set because there hasn’t been very much assistance from the wind. Well this week the challenge was the same but, rather there being too little wind, the Racers had to contend with a strong and… Read More

I think I have to take full responsibility for the weather conditions today. Every time I run the race there is no wind so I reached the conclusion that it is me! I’m afraid it is me again next week so please all say your prayers to the wind gods so we can reverse this… Read More

Having checked the weather forecast, which predicted a decent 6-10 knots of wind from the North Westerly direction, we arrived at Chipstead to find the lake looking like a sheet of glass…without a hint of any wind…?!? During the morning, whilst setting up and launching the fleet, this did improve, or at least it did in… Read More

I’d love to be able to be writing a report about the action filled race that we had but unfortunately the conditions we had meant that this was far from the case. At times, it was like we had put the race into slow motion! So well done to everyone for persevering, it was impressive.… Read More

(Sorry for the shorter than average race report this week, but we have a new race officer, who was concentrating more on getting the results down correctly than writing a short story..!!! Ed) The race was already in the starting sequence, when it was decided by the powers that be (who was that, as I… Read More