All morning it looked like there may not be a race because the wind was intermittent  (non-existent mostly) and occurring in different parts of the lake. A flagged buoy was laid in the middle of the western part of the lake to make use of whatever wind there was at race start time. The race… Read More

The course was set with a reasonable southerly wind, starting between the commando and ‘C’, then to ‘K’, ‘D’ and back to ‘C’ taking all buoys to port. Unfortunately the wind had almost died away for the first start, for 303s. That left the risk takers too far away to get back to the start… Read More

It was good to see the turnout for racing and how close its all become on my return to Wealden. The 9th was a pleasant sunny day with a changeable wind (how unusual) coming from the east. The start was between the pontoon and ‘K’ with buoy ‘D’ being dragged down to the far end… Read More

Thursday 2nd June, temperature 11 degrees C, wind NNE gusting to 26 miles per hour. Not at all right for the first day of summer. A challenging day for racing with very difficult wind conditions saw the race nearly cancelled by the Safety Officer. In the end we were allowed to race Access, Liberty and… Read More

Unfortunately there isn’t actually a report for the 5th race of the Spring Series which took place on the 26th May, as the new Race Officer did not realise a full report was required. What can be reported is that yet again the weather was extremely fickle, with very little, or in fact no wind at… Read More

Racing today was enjoyed by 10 clients. Actually it was 11 if you include Pippa sailing with Mark Cayzer’s dad, but as neither is a Wealden client…sadly it doesn’t count! Thanks to Allan and Eileen for helping with the marshalling and scoring. What started as an encouraging morning turned into very difficult sailing conditions, with the… Read More