What a hot day greeted those sailors intrepid enough to venture down to Chipstead Lake on Thursday. But fortunately we had sufficient breeze blowing in from the SW (i.e. along the length of the lake or from left to right as you look out over the water from the clubhouse) to enable the thirteen WS… Read More

Considering it was forecast to be the hottest day of our HOT summer without any breeze to cool us, last Thursday saw a sizeable group of WS Racers turning up to participate in the final race of the Spring Series  – to complete the campaign of thirteen scheduled races! Thankfully only two had been cancelled… Read More

Many congratulations to all those who participated in the Spring Series and many thanks to the volunteers who crewed for the racers and who helped in lots of ways to enable the races to take place. Final Result 1. Mike Blatchford 2. David Mason 3 =  Fay Watson 3 =  Martin Newman 5 = Peter… Read More

It was another quiet day at Chipstead Lake for the WS Racers who arrived eager to race. Fortunately there was just sufficient wind blowing – on and off – to enable a figure-of-eight race course to be set and at 11.30 the race began. Here are a few photos below that show how the fleet… Read More

Looking at the weather forecast on Wednesday night didn’t instil much excitement because there would be so little wind that it looked as if we might have a repeat of last week’s single lap Race…but woe to me of little faith, when the volunteers started to rig and launch the Boats at 8am on Thursday… Read More

We cannot win them all. The wind deserted us this Thursday and the WS Racers did very well to complete a single and shortened lap. The results are on the Race Summary and here are some photos to remind those of you who raced what a windless race it was! A fuller report  was planned… Read More